Spending a few days at Maushaus in Véménd is a fantastic experience in itself. But if you love hiking and don’t shy away from taking a little drive to explore the sights of the area, you can plan a week-long vacation or family recreation. With us, free time can be spent both actively and relaxingly. You decide!

If you would like to go hiking, you can choose from countless routes of Mecsek and Gemenc forest. Lovers of fine wines can choose from the offer of the cellars of Villány, Szekszárd or even Pécs, and then they can hold their own wine evening in the Maushaus show cellar. For fans of built monuments, downtown Pécs can serve as an unmissable memory, but you can also enter a boat ride on the Danube in Mohács. All this can be reached within a maximum of 30-40 minutes drive.

Véméndi tájház

Country House in Véménd

You don’t have to go much to find sights around Maushaus. The country house in Véménd is located just opposite, so if you are interested in the ethnographic collection of local settled Szeklers, don’t miss it. Even the view of the ornate façade is breathtaking, but you will find a lot of interesting things if you look at it for yourself from the inside.

You can find more information about the country house of Véménd here>>

Gemenci Erdei Vasút

Gemenc Forest Railway

The small railway crossing the Gemenc forest is the only one in Hungary that presents a floodplain forest. The approximately 30 km long railway track stops at 9 stations, so you can get on or off at several places, depending on which corner of the huge Gemenc forest you would like to get to know more closely. One thing is for sure, whichever stop you choose, walking through the forest will not disappoint you and you will definitely meet some forest dwellers.

You can read more about the Gemenc Forest Railway here>>


Educational trails in the Mecsek

Véménd is located near the forests of Eastern Mecsek and Gemenc, so you can even start exploring hiking trails on foot nearby. But there are countless educational trails, lookouts and things to discover on the slopes, mountains and valleys of the Mecsek Mountains spread over a vast area. Fortunately, by walking along the educational trails maintained by Mecsekerdő Zrt., we can even learn about local ecosystems, fauna and flora during the excursion.

Discover the educational trails of Mecsek>>

Pécsi városnézés

Pécs City Tour

If you are fascinated by the charming historical city centers, you should definitely visit Pécs. The huge Cathedral with four towers, the cozy Király Street Széchényi Square with the Mosque, the Zsolnay quarter, the ruins of Tettye, the view from the church on Havi Hill or from the TV tower are just some of the things worth mentioning about Pécs. The question is, what are you curious about and how much time do you have for sightseeing?
Browse in the attractions of Pécs>>

Villányi pincesor

Sights of the Villány wine region

If you already have Maushaus’ own show cellar at hand, why not get the assortment yourself for the evening wine? Jump by car to Villány, take a walk along the cellar row, buy a few bottles of wine and if you have come this far, you can even discover the beauties of the wine region for yourself. You can walk the hiking trails of the Szársomlyó and Villány Mountains, see the Castle of Siklós or warm yourself up in the waters of the Harkány Spa.
Explore the Villány wine region>>

If you haven’t figured out where you want to spend a few days with friends or family during the year or even summer, look no further. The quiet, romantic, nature-close village guesthouse of Véménd awaits you all year round, with many adventures waiting to be discovered nearby.
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