Véménd and its surroundings

Véménd is an ideal destination for people who want to escape from the noise of the city or from the treadwheel of everyday life. For those who love active holidays (hiking, horse riding, hunting, fishing) and who just want to relax, our settlement is the perfect solution.

Véménd is located in Baranya county near Gemenc forest, and it is an hour and a half far from Budapest on the M6 motorway. By car you can get to Mohács within 15 minutes which is host of the Busó Festival on the riverbank of the Danube. Travelling west the same distance, at the foot of Zengő mountain we can enjoy the beautiful sight of Pécsvárad, which is famous for its renovated castle and  for its Benedictine monastery of Saint Astrik who crowned Stephen I of Hungary. Within half an hour we can reach Pécs, the chief town of Baranya county, which was Europe’s cultural capital city in 2010.

There is a wide variety of sights in the settlement such as the Roman Catholic church, the cemetery chapel, the Serbian chapel, the Holy Well, the Israelite cemetery, the Serbian cemetery, the ‘Five-Trough’ spring  and the village museum, which can be found opposite our guesthouse.

Possibilities for an active holiday

Véménd is an ideal destination for wine-fanciers since within 15 minutes you can quench your thirst in one of the wine cellars of Szekszárd or within 45 minutes you can reach the wine region of Villány easily. We give you an insight into the Svabian gastronomy, too. Our guest can taste the Svabian sausage and on request, we organise visits of cellars with cooking, where we offer our traditional foods. While you are visiting the workshop, you can get to know how to make gingerbread, which is one of the ancient handicrafts.

There are several tour possibilities for enthusiast people. You can reach the renovated peasant’s houses and wrought-iron fences with a 6-km-walk. During one day it is also possible to wander around the nice landscape of Eastern Mecsek with the help of footpath signs.

After travelling a few minutes by car, people, who like waterside and fishing, either can try their luck at the lake of Feked, maybe in Somberek or can visit the Dombai Lake only 20 minutes away. The fans of water sports can pursue their hobby in Mohács, 20 km far away, where they can rent kayaks, canoes or boats and can enjoy the water world of Mohács and Béda.

You may go round the village by horse cart, as well. More experienced people can do that on horseback.

The rich wildlife of Eastern Mecsek offers opportunities for hunters, too.

Pictures of Véménd and its surroundings

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